Festival: Fish Anthology 2016 Launch at the West Cork Literary Festival

© Vivienne Kearns

Fish Anthology 2016

This year I entered the Fish Flash Fiction competition with ‘A Quarter Pound of Tea’ and was delighted to be selected as a finalist by flash fiction judge Nuala O’Connor.

With over 5,000 entries in the four Fish competition categories, my submission was one of 40 pieces published in this year’s Fish Anthology 2016, edited by Clem Cairns, which can be purchased here. The 40 pieces published in the anthology comprises the 10 finalists from each of the four Fish competition categories; short story, flash fiction, short memoir and poetry.

I was also invited to read ‘A Quarter Pound of Tea’ at the anthology’s official launch at the West Cork Literary Festival in Bantry, Co. Cork on July 20th, made possible by Clem and the Fish team who publish the anthology each year.

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Short Story: Gamine

© Vivienne Kearns

It’s early September and the plane touches down in Colombian heat. Humidity is high as Xavier walks down the small flight of steps, trying to cope with the midday sun as it blazes hard in the sky. The ground shimmers beneath.

His agent has telephoned ahead to let the media know that he is coming. Xavier thinks of his wife and daughter back home, wondering if he has done the right thing, spending this time away from them. He continues to sweat in the blissful AC coolness of the airport terminal building. His friend Miguel smiles. Miguel has travelled back with him, as support for this one last visit to Colombia before he retires. They peer into the brilliant light of the afternoon before heading out.

Two reporters show, one young, the other an old hack, his suit crumpled in the heat. Xavier attempts to walk past them. He does not want this scrutiny, but the young reporter coughs for attention.

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Short Story: Hidden

© Vivienne Kearns

I wander through the grounds, a rag doll swinging in my hand.  Her hair trails on the soft rolling slopes of the green lawn below.  There is nothing to do here in summer. My private tutor Magali has left, deserting me to my mother and grandmother. The low fog of daylight obscures the castle behind.

The giant round stone structure blocks my view of the sea.  I hear horses pulling their cargo on the highway, farmers travelling to trade their produce in the village, and families passing by with echoes of laughter on their way to the fair.  Continue reading “Short Story: Hidden”

Short Story: Escape

© Vivienne Kearns

I awake in his house. Ice melts and crackles on the inside pane as it slides down to a sill full of stagnant water. Fully clothed, I lift myself off the floor and walk stiffly to the bedroom window, hugging my arms for warmth. The sky holds snow.

I turn to watch my two sons sleeping on the bed at the other side of the room, not wanting to wake them, but we have to leave soon.  A sharp sound comes from outside and I see dogs nuzzling at the metal dustbins for food. I shake the boys awake. Ardan, the eldest, dresses hastily, but Liam turns slowly and I have to drag him from beneath the covers. When they are ready I open the bedroom door. The house is silent so we venture out and creep down the worn carpeted stairway and into the grey winter’s light. Continue reading “Short Story: Escape”

Review: How Shopping Centres Inspired a Group of Writers

© Vivienne Kearns

One of the exciting and rewarding aspects of being in a writers’ group is the community projects in which you can become involved. Looking back at 2015 it was a great opportunity to be included in ‘Circle & Square,’ a collection of short stories and poems, which celebrated the 25th anniversary of The Square shopping centre in Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland.

The publication was edited by Eileen Casey and was published by Fiery Arrow Press. The collection includes a host of acclaimed writers such as Dermot Bolger, Paula Meehan, Mia Gallagher, Ferdia McAnna, Geraldine Mills, Martin Dyar, Mary Guckian, Louise Phillips and Kevin Power, as well as members of the Platform One writers’ group. ‘Circle & Square’ is available for sale at Easons in The Square, Tallaght.  Continue reading “Review: How Shopping Centres Inspired a Group of Writers”